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  • I understand that I am being GPS tracked and the information gathered is stored as an official record and that it can be used in court proceedings.
  • I understand the conditions of my probation and that they must be followed at all times. I understand the conditions are set by the Court and/or my probation officer. The Monitoring Center is NOT authorized to change these conditions. I understand it is my responsibilities to have my parent or guardian notify my caseworker of any unscheduled events as soon as possible. All intentional violations are reported to the PO and/or the Court.
  • Allowing the battery to go dead is a serious violation and will not be tolerated. understand I must keep my monitor charged at all times. I agree to charge the monitor every day for a minimum of 2 hours. If school or work is attended, the monitor MUST have a full charge before leaving for the day. REMOVE THE CHARGING CLIP FROM THE ANKLE MONITOR BEFORE SHOWERING OR SWIMMING!!!
  • I understand that I must not remove the monitor for any reason. Doing so is a serious violation and will be immediately reported. Any lost or intentionally damaged unit will result in $800 replacement charge for the monitor, a $150 lost charger fee and/or a criminal violation. I agree to take care of all equipment issued to me and will return all equipment as soon as the Court releases me from the GPS monitoring​ program.
  • I understand that intentional manipulation of the monitor or intentional interference of the GPS signal is a serious violation and will not be tolerated. All violations are immediately reported.
  • I understand I must maintain a working telephone at all times and agree to respond as soon as possible to any communication made by the Monitoring Center to contact me. I will notify my caseworker of any telephone changes immediately.
  • The ankle monitor is waterproof; however, the charger clip is not. Swimming is allowed but I understand I am not to engage in other water sports, i.e. skiing, tubing, jet skiing, etc. REMOVE THE CHARGING CLIP FROM THE ANKLE MONITOR BEFORE SHOWERING OR SWIMMING!!!
  • I understand that I am in control of my actions and that I am responsible for all my actions while on the monitor. I in no way hold Specialized Location Services liable for my behavior and actions.


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