Disaster Recovery & Emergency Management Services

When your infrastructure is damaged we come out and give you a location to assist the monitoring of your Electronic Monitoring program.

Specialized Location Services is enhancing the abilities and services we provide our current and future clients. We have acquired and put into service a Mobile Operations Platform that allows us to perform local services to our clients. This Command Center is fitted with all equipment necessary to continue to provide services no matter what has occurred in your jurisdiction. We are able to provide services even during a disaster situation where regular methods of communication have been breached and brought down. The command center has Satellite, VOIP, and Internet. As well as communications platforms in VHF, UHF, 700/800, EDACS, P25.

Offender Management

Disaster Recovery

We specialize in performing services to our clients as well as agencies other ankle monitor providers. We will support any platform you might be using currently and in an emergency remove and replace current platform with our disaster response equipment. This platform works on all cellular networks as well as WIFI.

Services Rendered

Court systems around the country require offenders at different levels of supervision to be placed on GPS ankle monitors. When a natural disaster occurs who is responsible in keeping these offenders in compliance and for equipment maintenance.

We provide on site emergency center monitoring as well as at home visits of offenders. We provide a location for the offenders to charge their ankle monitors to stay in compliance.

We also have surveillance platforms!

Who can benefit from US Protective Mobile Surveillance Platforms?

Anyone interested in protecting themselves, their investments or the public should have a portable video surveillance system. Municipalities, construction contractors, event centers and law enforcement have all employed USP MSP to prevent theft and vandalism, reduce costs, improve the effectiveness of emergency responders and more.

Security & Surveillance

USP MSP portable video surveillance solutions with event detection and alerting help to ensure the safety of property and assets for industrial sites, remote locations and critical infrastructure.

USP: US protective

MSP: Mobile Surveillance Platforms

If yours is a typical city, your MSP system will always be in use. High-incident areas, transportation, construction and critical infrastructure all need extra attention. USP MSP provides rapid deployment to any location, with quick setup and ease of use. Tow it, deploy it and leave it—it’s ready to go.

Monitor crowds at public gatherings. Watch traffic during a weather event. Protect public utilities and other vulnerable areas. With no end of possible uses and years of proven success in deployments across the U.S., you will benefit from USP MSP.


Common Applications

  • Reliable
  • Unmanned, 24/7 surveillance of high-incident areas,
  • Transportation routes
  • Construction sites and critical infrastructure
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking lots
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Construction sites
  • Sporting events
  • Public events
  • DUI checkpoints
  • Emergency response
  • Evacuation routes
  • Road construction
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Incident areas
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Border security
  • Medical facilities
  • Airports
  • Rail yards
  • Port and harbors
  • Mining sites
  • Storage yards
  • Military installations
  • Crime scene investigations

Always watching, even when you’re not.