Alcohol Monitoring

Sobriety Monitoring And Reporting Technology

At Specialized Location Services, your sobriety – and life – are important to us. Since 2010, we have helped more families gain sobriety through the use of our In-Home device. Unlike a standard at-home breathalyzer, the Specialized Location Services In-Home device is portable, making it ideal for traveling or staying at home, and the device fits comfortably in your purse, backpack, or other carrying case.

This device features immediate violation reporting as well as random testing to help support you during your recovery. Our device is designed to be more accurate than EtG testing, and your in-home breathalyzer results are available immediately. OSM Mobile features an LCD display for viewing accurate results. Additional features include facial recognition technology, USB charging capabilities, 120 hours of battery life, GPS, removable mouth piece, and no hum requirement.


Whether you’re on the go or at home, OSM Mobile goes wherever you go. Because your family matters, OSM Mobile is the trusted home breathalyzer choice for millions of customers. Contact one of our knowledgeable, compassionate customer service team members anytime, anywhere, to get the support your family needs today.


Robust Tamper Detection

Being the most reliable includes being the most robust. The SLS Alcohol unit detects tampering by having each breath test pass through a sophisticated algorithm. For any signs of tampering, the test is flagged and the officer is notified via email or text. With more than 1,500 tests between calibration maintenance, the SLS Alcohol unit stays where it should—in the field.

Easy to Use

The SLS Alcohol unit is just over 2 ounces. The pocket-sized unit goes anywhere the offender goes, helping to drive compliance. Clients simply power the unit on, insert the mouthpiece, and follow directions on the backlit LCD screen for one-touch testing.


Adaptive Facial Recognition

The SLS Alcohol unit “gets smarter” with each test using facial recognition software that compares each test photo to a template of images. With each captured photo, test results are fine-tuned to adapt to subtle client appearance changes.

GPS and Cellular

A powerful combination of cellular and GPS ensures results are stored. The real-time client photo and BrAC results are wirelessly transmitted on any Private Network to a monitoring server. Location data is logged with GPS or a cell tower fix, and displayed via Google Maps. With the SLS Alcohol unit “queuing” feature, test results are stored in the device whenever it lacks sufficient cell coverage to transmit data. The results will be sent once the device reenters cell range.


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