Curfew App

A Mobile Monitoring App To Enhance Supervision & Case Management

SLS Mobile enables supervising officers and case managers to keep offenders focused on the conditions of release via their smartphone or tablet. By leveraging the tools built in today’s mobile devices, pretrial services, probation and parole officers can verify a participant’s identity, determine their location, and quickly collect status change information. SLS Mobile also links offenders to helpful community connections that keep them engaged in positive activities.

Key Features:

Mobile Monitoring App with Seven Independent Modules

Customizable Solution Based on Agency and Client Needs

Biometric Facial and Voice Recognition Technologies

Captures GPS Points at Check-In to Confirm Location

Allows Clients the Ability to Self-Report Life Changes

Pushes Officer-created Calendar Events and Reminders to Clients

Provides Clients Direct Access to Service Providers

Document Sharing, Messaging and Ability to View Supervision Terms​


Four Independent Modules

SLS Mobile, a secure monitoring mobile app that is downloaded to a participant’s personal smartphone or tablet, confirms compliance and increases accountability through four independent modules. Each module is controlled by the officer through TotalAccess®. This modular approach allows flexibility for the agency and the officer to tailor what is delivered to the participant’s phone. Scheduled notifications are sent to remind participants of supervision activities including court dates, counseling appointments, job interviews, and more. Application access is controlled by username and password security features to ensure data privacy.

Check-In Module

Pretrial defendants, probationers and parolees can now check-in from their smartphone or tablet by simply taking their own photo. The individual’s picture is biometrically matched to verify identity, the check-in location data is pinpointed, and then geocoded to the closest address. The GPS and biometric facial recognition features of the Check-in module enable officers to confirm participants’ compliance with required referrals, and with curfew restrictions.


Calendar Module

Using the SLS Mobile calendar module, officers can enter calendar items and send participants a chronological list of appointments, such as court dates, supervision visits, and agency referrals. Officers can configure multiple reminders for each scheduled appointment to help ensure that important supervision obligations are met. For appointments with referral agencies, the participant can generate driving directions or launch calls to the provider from within the module.

Self-Report Module

Through their mobile phone or tablet, offenders and participants are presented with a list of supervision-related questions, and responses are recorded for officer review and follow-up. Using the self-report module, officers keep up with the status of lower risk participants who may not require frequent face-to-face visits, allowing them to reserve in-person visits for higher-risk participants. An added benefit is the ability for a participant to initiate an unscheduled self-report to rapidly notify the officer of significant status changes.


Documents, Messages and Supervision Terms

The documents module allows clients to upload documents captured as photographs, such as employment and court information, to TotalAccess for officer review.

Officers and case workers have the ability to directly message with clients through the messages module.

SmartLINK’s supervision terms module enables clients to easily access and review their conditions of supervision at any time on their mobile device.

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