Sex Offender Monitoring


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Despite the increasing number of high-risk sex offenders (HRSOs) who are being placed on electronic monitoring programs, little is known about how effective these programs are in increasing offender compliance and in reducing recidivism. The purpose of this proactive approach is to determine the effectiveness of the global positioning system (GPS) monitoring of HRSOs who are released into the program.

We intend to stay on the cutting edge of Offender Supervision; this will allow citizens as well as Public Safety Personnel to have peace of mind.

We at Specialized Location Services have taken an aggressive approach at supervising sex offenders. The program that has been implemented is an intensive supervision program tailored towards the Sexual Predator classification of offenders that are required to be monitored via GPS Ankle Monitors. We have built a database that puts electronic barriers around all areas that are frequently attended by children. These areas of coverage are as follows:

All Elementary, Middle and High schools(public and private)
Parks and playgrounds
Day Cares and Head Start programs

It is our intentions to protect our children from anyone that might bring them harm. Once the program is implemented by a Sheriff, and the ankle monitor is placed on the offender. We immediately place these barriers not only in the Sex Offenders home county but every county that surrounds this jurisdiction. The ankle monitor is also programmed to advise when the sex offender leaves the county as well as the State.

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