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Prove Sobriety – Maintain Custody and Visitation Rights

In divorce, custody or visitation cases, when a parent’s alcohol issues are called into question, the ability to care for the children in the home becomes a concern. Judges, lawyers and social service agencies regularly require parents to take sobriety tests. Using the right alcohol detection tool can result in sound custody and visitation decisions. The SLS Alcohol breathalyzer makes it easy to monitor sobriety in custody agreements.

The SLS Alcohol breathalyzer is a state-of-the-art breathalyzer that offers a more practical alcohol monitoring solution than other testing methods on the market. The real-time results of the SLS Alcohol breathalyzer provide assurance of sobriety, so that the right custody and visitation decisions can be facilitated by the courts.

The SLS Alcohol  breathalyzer uses the highest quality fuel-cell sensor that achieves an accuracy level of +/-.005 BrAC. It is user-friendly, small, lightweight, handheld, and discreetly prompts the user to test anytime and anywhere. The SLS Alcohol  breathalyzer is especially convenient for the participant who may be at work or in a social setting. In addition, the real-time delivery of sobriety results offers immediate peace of mind for families in custody or visitation arrangements.

Receiving urine analysis results can take days, and negative results do not necessarily mean abstinence, as alcohol can quickly be eliminated from the body.With the SLS Alcohol  breathalyzer, multiple tests per day can be scheduled at anytime per the custody or visitation agreement. Notifications are sent directly to the participant’s mobile device, prompting him or her to submit the test. Test results are conveniently sent directly to participants’ mobile phones or email in real time.

Judges, family law attorneys, alternative dispute resolution arbitrators, or social service agencies can require a parent to take sobriety tests.A parent involved in a custody or visitation arrangement, may also volunteer to validate sobriety with SLS Alcohol  breathalyzer.


Features Include

  • Discreet handheld device
  • .02 BrAC or greater prompts a retest
  • Customizable scheduling of tests
  • Real-time text or email alerts on participant violations
  • Automated reports sent daily, weekly, monthly
  • Participants verification through Facial Recognition Technology
  • Professional Grade Fuel Cell
  • Backlit LCD Screen for easy reading of prompts and taking tests

How It Works

  • Participant enrolls, and testing schedule and alerts are set up.
  • Automated participant text reminders are sent to participants based on schedule.
  • Participant tests within 45 minutes of being prompted.
  • Real-time results and alerts on missed or positive results are sent to all designated recipients.

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